S.I.R.E is a regional investment and trade facilitation project for the economic development of the Republic Of Georgia, launched under the umbrella of a group of companies located in europe and middle east, and currently managed by UCI JSC, a global investment company. It targets investors who are interested to invest in the following sectors: Real Estate, Industry, Agriculture, Energy, and Tourism. Its main objectives are: To promote,facilitate and manage investmenst and economic cooperation at large in Georgia. To mobilise business organisations from both sides to engage in a sustainable partnership and dialogue both within the private sector and towards the public authorities. To develop concrete activities that will generate immediate results in the region for the investor and the Georgian economy. S.I.R.E is a multi national company, as mentioned previously it is managed by UCI JSC, which is a well recognized company globally. S.I.R.E has deep knowledge of the industries in which it invests. In the course of executing investments and operating portfolio companies, S.I.R.E has developed a team of investment professionals with significant sector-specific expertise and relationships with leading companies, institutions and individuals worldwide. Operations Management: S.I.R.E has refined a set of tools for assessing operational, structural and strategic challenges. These tools allow S.I.R.E to engage in and extract value from complex investments.Our across its private equity funds and credit funds specialize in asset-based investing, and bring to bear significant experience in investing broadly and deeply in a diverse set of asset types. Our expertise extends to pricing, owning, financing and overseeing the management of physical and financial assets ranging from real estate and capital assets to financial assets secured by diversified long-term cash flows.experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions enables us to work with corporate boards of directors, management and various stakeholders in order to determine optimal structuring and execution of an investment.

The Best Real Estate & Construction Services

S.I.R.E’s unique structure provides a truly aligned real estate co-investment solution for private capital. The highly experienced team sources, manages and realises value through hands-on, creative real estate strategies and a principled approach to property and the built environment. Our service is called "The Hulk".

S.I.R.E’s real estate centric approach concentrates on both capital preservation and wealth creation. We seek out deep value. S.I.R.E’s strategy drives attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns by: Investing in a diversified portfolio of Eastern European real estate assets Following persuasive macro fundamentals Targeting well established markets and strong micro locations Focusing on attractive sub-sectors Repositioning undermanaged properties Deploying intensive and on-going asset management Prudent and accretive use of leverage Our current geographic targets include the caucasus region and main centres in Georgia, with an important but secondary focus on other western & Eastern European markets.

How does it work?

  1. You contact us about what you are interested in.
  2. We give you all the needed information & prepare all needed documentation.
  3. You come to georgia, sign a contract, then place an order & pay a deposit.
  4. Also we offer remote services, from the comfort of your home, and by the help of our lawyers, we can do it.