Investment Opportunities In Europe And Georgia
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Hydro Infra Technologies

HydroInfra Technologies HIT-I publ AB is a company founded in Stockholm, Sweden. HIT is a Clean-Tech innovation company. HIT has innovated a solution called HydroNano Gas ( HNG ) that safely & effectively neutralizes carbon fuel pollution emissions. Swedish patent registration number: 1400235-6.The HIT innovation story begins in the late 1970’s and mid 1980’s when the HIT founder was engaged in finding clean fuel solutions for engines running on gasoline and diesel. During that period, Hydrogen became of special interest – specially breaking the atomic boundary of H2O, water. The research work of Professor Yuan Tse Lee inspired HIT founder Sven Erik to venture further into the fields of hydrogen atoms and diatomic alkali.

Construction Projects In Georgia

Boosted by structural economic reforms and incoming foreign investments, the Georgian construction sector has enjoyed high rates of growth over the past decade and shows great resilience amid the global crisis. The high level of activity in the sector between 2003 and 2009 led to a 462% increase in the production of construction materials, for which the country has significant local raw materials (perlite, basalt, pumice, slate, tuff, etc.). The “green” segment remains underdeveloped and offers great potential. In a country where 40% of total energy consumption is used for heating and lighting buildings, the use of energy-efficient materials would significantly reduce construction costs and energy-related expenditures. Domestic demand for such materials has shown strong growth over the recent years.

Coffee Shops

If you want to live in Georgia and you are looking to start a small business that requires low capital and easy to setup, then you should think of starting your own café business in a nice location in the city. This type of business is very profitable and you can establish it in a very quick time, we can help you find the location, and do the business plan for you, plus establish the business itself.

Restaurants Business

A restaurant is a great business option for business men who want to invest in Georgia. The restaurant market is very developed in Georgia and many foreign investors as well as local entrepreneurs choose to open restaurants in Georgia. And the cost to open such business is very low in comparison to other countries, plus labor wages are so low, approximately $10 U.S.D per day.

Agriculture In Georgia

Georgia is traditionally an agricultural country, which has 22 micro-climates varying from cool and dry to warm and humid. These diversified micro-climates allow for a longer than normal harvesting season and a wide range of growing conditions. Soils are of volcanic origin located in the river valleys. They tend to be quite fertile and reasonably easy to cultivate.

Industrial Projects

Georgian Chemical Industry produces wide-range of products. The first chemical factory producing lithopone (white mineral paint) was founded in Kutaisi in the beginning of 20th century. Availability of domestic raw materials and high demand on wide-range chemical products resulted in rapid development of Georgian chemical industry after the Second World War.

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